winter is a horrible time for bloggers

especially ones that live in cold and windy places like Scotland D: theirs never any lighting for looks, and I would rather give you guys amazing quality looks than ones you can barely make out the pattern of the outfit in! this isn't an excuse, its just an explanation :) I love everyone who always views my blog! keep viewing! I do still have that vlog in the works, needing to save up fr some amazing video editing software and i'm sorted! should I have a "vlog" charity event? hahah kidding...kind of ;) summer is soon however!! so be expecting hundreds of looks once the sun shows itself IN THE MEAN TIME here is my photo for the #nastygalkissoff competition, (which I didn't win) but I felt the need to post anyway as it is a type of "look" a valentines look persay? I paired my white dress with my white socks and black heels, the flower crown was worn to bring another colour towards the look and match the lipstick!!

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Katie said...

I think you look amazing! I totally agree about the rubbish weather thing - can't wait to be able to take some nice photos!

Katie <3